hippies (was RE: [thechat] Beervolts)

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Wed Feb 28 11:17:23 CST 2001

Arcata, CA.... where I emigrated from... had I think the first city 
council in history to have a Green-party majority.  That was 1998 I 

There is actually a hippie highway that runs from Eugene, through 
Arcata, and down to Santa Cruz.  I've never actually seen the 
highway, but I've seen many of the travellers.

I suppose if I smoked enough trainwreck, I might see the highway...



>  > I happen to think that beer is one of the best (possibly
>>  *the* best) reason
>>  to live in Oregon.  Here in Eugene (pop. 180,000), I have no
>well, that and Green, but that's another thread [sic] entirely })

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