[thechat] List oddity or just me?

cspruck at mindspring.com cspruck at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 28 12:36:23 CST 2001


Thanks for your note. I thought it was the standard 72 column thing too, but when I scrunch the window down to way less than 72 wide, the URL wraps, stays "hot" up to character 76, and STILL has an inserted space at character 77. Or, going the other way, if I maximize the window so the URL is on one line, I still get the space at col 77, so it doesn't seem to be so much as a wrap thing, but some other seemingly arbitrary space insertion. This is aggravating. 

I guess the question should be, did you or others see the spaces in the URLs I sent? Will try a test to myself with <url> and see if that helps. Just wanted to minimize copy and paste hassle for those who might be interested in those URLs. Unfortunately, they were both Amazon links as long as your arm.


thechat at lists.evolt.org wrote:
Hi Chris,

It's an option in the mail reader on the receiving end, usually.  However, Outlook Express wraps outbound mail as well..

I read somewhere (no URL, bad seth) that wrapping at 72 cols is the only way to make sure it works in every client.  AS for long url's?  Trim out unneccesarry information (like 'www.', if it can be safely discarded, and trailing /'s and unneccessary URL params).

Other than that, you're pretty much hosed.

Oh yeah, some email proggies will keep url's intact if you wrap them in.


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