[thechat] Driving in America

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Thu Mar 1 04:29:56 CST 2001

> What part of california you coming to?

Thanks for all your replies, I think I'm gonna go with Erika's rules. I
especially liked number 2 "If, at any time, you have witnessed a green
light, it is okay to proceed through the intersection, regardless of the
current color of the light.", just like driving here in London :)
Our trip to the States starts with 4 days in Las Vegas, then flying to Los
Angeles where we will hire a car (if we have any money left after Vegas),
spend a few days there and then take a leisurely drive to San Francisco. I'm
going over to France for a booze-cruise next week so I can practice driving
on the wrong side of the road while I'm over there. The infuriating thing
about driving over there is that it is illegal (or so I am led to believe)
to make rude hand gestures at other motorists, even if they deserve them.
Giving the "One Finger Salute" is pretty much the standard greeting amongst
motorists in London, and is a hard habit to break. I also won't be able to
swear at bad drivers either cos I'm taking my Mum with me and she doesn't
know that I use such words;) It's only the thought of all that cheap wine
and tobacco that keeps me sane while driving in France.

kjs at ratking.co.uk

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