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> Don't get me wrong, I love it here. I live, work and play in central
> London and right now leaving the country wouldn't be something I'd
> consider. But, lots of my friends (all technical people) are seriously
> considering getting out, mainly because of the RIP act

Don't get me wrong here - I think that the RIP act
stinks as much as the next card-carrying activist,
but it's not like we've got to the stage where that
Act actually affects anyone yet.

> and other
> actions of our current government, and if you're a regular reader of \.
> one regularly expressed opinion is the the uk is becoming a "big brother
> is watching" country. 

Having your home phone bugged 'cos you're a Vice-Chair
of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - that's
Big-Brother-ish.  Although you'd be surprised how
quickly you get used to it... :-)

Don't get me started on the current quality of
debate at Slashdot, meanwhile.  It ain't pretty

> What do other UK citizens think? Has anyone
> emigrated for these reasons? I'd really be interested in your answers.

If I left (fat chance, the investors won't let me)
it would be because 

a) England is so bloody right-wing. London's fine - 
   better than, I've lived here for 19 years - but 
   the xenophobia is astonishing.  Scotland, for
   example, does actually recognise that you can't
   simultaneously bitch about both the NHS *and*
   taxes. Actually this wouldn't get me out of 
   London, though.

b) For the benefit of viewers in the US, in this
   great city I (mostly) grew up in, a beer costs
   $4, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs $6.50,
   and a one-bedroom flat will cost (at the absolute
   minimum) $1000 per calendar month.

I think it's b) that's tempting me, but in order
to leave I'd need somewhere better to go.

I could go back to Edinburgh (Hi Martin) but it's
a little small for me.  Dublin's ace.  And I nearly
didn't bother coming back from Comdex in Chicago 
last year - don't ask me why, just really liked it.

John Handelaar

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