[thechat] Driving in America

Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
Thu Mar 1 10:27:03 CST 2001

"Wrong side of the road???"  Methinks that since most of the world, other
than a few Commonwealth holdouts, drive on the RIGHT side of the road, you
people would get around to switching... One would have to wonder about the
Chunnel... If the French approach it on the right and the Brits on the left,
do they need some fancy underwater switcheroo so they don't collide?? :-)

Course speaking of one country holding out against the world, does anyone
ever think we lazy 'Mericans will get off out collective arses and go
Metric?? My bet is around 2040 or so... Just in time for me to be a codger
and curse them young whippersnappers for messing up my measuring system...
:-) The election of 2020 will have a slogan paraphrasing Wilson's "He kept
us out of the War" - "He kept us out of the Metric"

Ron White

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