[thechat] Driving in America

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Thu Mar 1 11:19:18 CST 2001

>1/ Right on red. Now, I don't know if you can turn right on red on Cali

yes, you can in California.  (You didn't really try this in the UK, did you?)

>2/ Roundabouts. What a silly idea. What's wrong with traffic lights? Or
>four-way stop intersections? There are very, very few rotaries in the US.
>The only one I ever encountered was one when I lived in Rhode Island.

Arcata, CA has built a lot of roundabouts recently.  I love them.  No 
stopping, no shifting, no starting up and shifting again... they are proven 
to reduce accidents, or if accidents occur, they are less severe (than say, 
someone tearing thru a red light...)

>My father only gave one piece of advice when I learned to drive:
>"The other drivers will do their best not to hit you."

especially if you are driving an SUV.


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