[thechat] Driving in America

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Mar 1 12:09:03 CST 2001

... to add to Scott's list ...

1. Over here - any lane is a passing lane.  Don't feel obligated to pass on
the left - or surprised when you are passed on the right.

2.  It takes (from what I hear) A LOT less formal training and knowledge to
drive in the US.  Expect your fellow 'road warriors' to be morons.  [If you
expect them to be stupid - then they shouldn't surprise you often.]

3. The vehicles are a tad bigger over here.  [More noticeable here in Texas
where you need a  damn "dualie" {a quite large truck} to drive to the store
to get a loaf of bread.]

A regional item or two:

a. If you're taking a side trip into Arizona remember that unlike most of
the rest of the US (where a driver's license must be renewed every 4 years)
the old folks there have voted to have things renewed every 25 years or so
.... so many drivers there have not had an eye exam in many years ...

b. If you make it to Texas - do NOT attempt to buy gasoline at 5pm on a
weekday .... you will end up standing in line behind 400 people waiting at
the counter - each buying one or more cans of beer.  {I wish it were - but
this is NOT a joke!  Unfortunately I forgot this one yesterday and spent
more than 15 minutes (Yes - there was a clock on the wall - this isn't one
of those "oh! it must have been 15 minutes" - it was!) just waiting in line
to pay for my petrol.... and 'consumables', of course!}

Ron L.

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