[thechat] Driving in America

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Thu Mar 1 15:08:33 CST 2001

>it's illegal to eat and drive

oh my!  I would never get breakfast if that were the case here...  I've 
gotten quite good a smearing cream cheese on a bagel at stoplights... oh, 
and I always have to have my road coffee... in my no-spill reusable road 
cup, of course.

>  but you can
>stock up on road munchies. Also, why sell cigarettes at a petrol station
>when you can't smoke them there? Kinda weird!

yeah, dumb, if you ask me.  In the US you can trace most silly laws to 
industry lobbying.  Is it the same there, or different?

>There was actually a case last
>year of a woman taken to court for drinking from a bottle of water whilst
>driving her car, except she wasn't driving at the time because she had
>stopped at traffic lights. Needless to say it was laughed out of court :)

thank God.


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