[thechat] Coming to SXSW (Austin)? Some things you should kn ow.

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Mar 1 16:58:49 CST 2001

REAAAAAAALLLLY wish that I could!!     ;-(

I was VERY much looking forward to getting together with everyone ...
'hangin' wi' da hood' ... (and the rest of the hoodlums!) ... I had even
talked my sweetie into going with me to hit the (pretty darn good) antique
malls in the Austin that weekend .... promised to bring the truck so we
could bring back more "treasures" this time .... but (as they say) "things
came up" - so I'm stuck in Houston that weekend.  [Had to cancel the trip
where I was gonna take her over to Germany this year too! RATS!     ;-(  ]

We'll be up in Oakland/San Fran in late April - and maybe try to hook up
with folks while we're out there .... I'm sure we'll be up in Austin later
this year - maybe ring Scott up.

Heck Bruce is somewhere here in Houston and I haven't run into him yet ...
and there was a person or two in Katy, Texas as I recall ... but I haven't
met them yet either!

Dunno about getting up Milwaukee way ... but ya never can tell!   (I've
wound up there and Chi-town, and even in Madison before.)

Big-Time Bummed about missing out!

Ron L.

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From: Daniel J. Cody [mailto:djc at starkmedia.com]

ron, seth, john, anyone else.. are you folks gonna be in austin next 
weekend? i missed some of the coverstation here.. if you are, post it to 

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