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I smile.

There is a lot more behin Taliban's actions than simply religion.
It is called Politics.

What is the real intent behind Taliban's new drive? Let's not forget
that they are still fighting a war on the north and still they are
willing to use their resources on this. Is it really fanatical and
fundamentlist approach towards Islam? Perhaps not.

Taliban is supported by Pakistan [wake up Johnny! everybody knows
that!] and Pakistan, though it does not approach Islam in the same
way as the current Afghan regime, is still an Islamic State.

What is keeping Pakistan together? Kashmir.

Where does Kashmir stand today after the Indian Truce initiative? At
the brink of sliding down from common people's terror to the tables
of diplomats and politicians of India & Pakistan. It is at the verge
of becoming 'normal'. Just like Punjab.

Can't see the link?
Never mind. Just feel aghast about the cultural carnage in the name
of religion.

For those uninformed, it is just not the Buddhist statues at stake
here. This was the silk route. This was the road into India. A decade
from now, the world will cry about the history lost. For now, we

I smile at the chess being played.


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> I just caught this on MetaFilter
> Afghans Smash Ancient Statues, Defy World Appeals
> <http://news.iwon.com/home/news/news_article/0,11746,103521|world|03
> -01-2001::09:34|reuters,00.html>
> "ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The radical Taliban movement began smashing
> all statues from Afghanistan's rich cultural past Thursday, turning
> its back on urgent international appeals to save the ancient
> artifacts."
> It's outright vandalism.  I'm not Buddhist, but I live on this
> planet and I care about history.  This is not "I'm tired of the
> color this room is painted", this is, "I want to pretend that
> this never happened - and I want everyone else to pretend that
> too".
> Very sad.

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