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>What is the RIP act?

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

An update of legislation to respond to technological changes. I think 
it's the one that will throw you in jail for two years if you refuse 
to turn over your encryption keys upon demand. Basically it also 
allows the police to electronically wiretap whoever they want. No 
judges etc. have to agree, just a high-enough ranking policeman. And 
we know how objective and impartial and just plan unbiased policemen 

And  yes, wiretap includes monitoring your email at your ISP. Which 
is why a number of people are moving mail servers to Ireland, where 
they are remarkably more civilised about these sorts of things. It is 
also illegal to tell someone that they are being snooped upon, 
hackers are now able to be prosecuted as terrorists, etc. etc..

Despite any rhetoric to the contrary, 'innocent until proven guilty' 
is  no  longer part of the English judicial system. We are well on 
the way to becoming the world's first democratic police state. Aren't 
we  lucky?
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