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>My friend Lauren was over for a visit last night. She was recently 
>divorced. In the state of Virginia the ex-husband has to grant the ex-wife 
>the right to revert back to her maiden name. Lauren's husband has declined 
>her permission, so she's stuck with his name. Can't change it legally 
>unless she remarries, no exceptions.

That is outrageous!

I once used someone else's name. When the time came to return to being me, 
I took it. Now, people look at me askance when I have one name and my 
husband has another, but, my name is the /only/ thing I'll take to the 
grave. And, if it was good enough to put on my birth certificate, it's good 
enough for a byline and it's good enough for a diploma and it's good enough 
for a tombstone.

Some one needs to start petitioning the Virginia state legislature and let 
them know women are not chattel to be owned by a man.


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