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McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Mon Mar 5 12:55:39 CST 2001

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>From: Jen Worden
>Of course you could further confuse the issue by changing the 
>*kids* name
>like we did.
>	Jen Worden + Tom Rogers = Child Worden-Rogers

Yeah, we thought about hyphenating our names, but we both have enough
trouble getting our own last names spelled correctly. We didn't want to open
the double can of worms, too. :) I dunno how we're going to handle the
enventual kids' names, but I think we'll probably settle on one last name or
the other for simplicity's sake.

We new a couple a few years ago who tacked each other's last name onto their
own. She became:

   herfirstname herlastname-hislastname

and he became

   hisfirstname hislastname-herlastname

They both had longish last names to begin, and the last names were
alliterative, so it was kind of silly. The sort of thing you expect to see
in a New Yorker short story.


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