[thechat] San Francisco (was: Coming to SXSW[...]))

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Mon Mar 5 19:59:02 CST 2001

Marlene Bruce wrote <back on Saturday>:
> John and Ron mentioned going to San Francisco. I just put my
> travelogue up, and the first piece I've finished is about my recent
> trip to visit a friend there. Read if you're inclined, I've been told
> it's interesting <toot toot>:
> http://digitizethis.com/travelogue/

Hey - where's da Charlottesville pictures? :-)

Kinda cool stuff Marlene.

Anyone else do biographical stuff and travelogues on the web?

I find those kinds of sites pretty compelling -- you get to sort of walk
a mile in someone else's shoes....

	- joe "former resident of Charlottesville VA" Crawford

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