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Jay Turley jay at weberrific.org
Tue Mar 6 10:34:25 CST 2001

> You do bring up some good points. My 4-year-old has the last 
> name White and 
> I have to call the school and identify myself as Tamara 
> Abbey, Alex White's 
> mom. 

Yes, I ahve the same problem. My stepson (from my wife's first marriage) is 
the only one in the family with a different last name - which is why we 
considered having my wife keep her last name initially - so that he 
wouldn't feel like an outsider. However, she took my name, and it hasn't 
seemed to perturb him at all. We wanted to change his name, but my wife 
shares joint legal custody with her ex (the bastid') and he is totally 
against it, even though he hasn't seen or talked to my son in over three 
years. We just keep hoping that he'll stop sending child support ;-)

He is well aware that he is my stepson and that he has two daddys. And that 
his last name is his first daddy's last name. It doesn't bug him in the 
least. It only gets confusing when I refer to us as "The Turleys" or when 
we are signing him up for stuff or - like you said - calling the school. 
Then they tend to get a little confused... "Turley? Pierce? Huh?"

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