[thechat] Caller ID (was Re: Name Game)

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Tue Mar 6 14:11:48 CST 2001

> Caller ID keeps us from even having to say "Hello" to them... :-) Don't tell
> us who you are... You don't get talked to...
I completely understand why people get Caller ID, but i think it stinks.
It's just one more way for us to stay inside our hermetically sealed
universes, so as to avoid any "unwanted" interaction with the world.

I've got a simple system - the phone rings, and i answer it. If it's someone
i don't want to talk to, i politely beg off (and be thankful that that's not
my job). If they're rude, then i cut them off. Easy.

Your child/loved one/whoever is trying to call you to tell you where he/she
is, or that they need you to come get them, or they'll be late. The number
they are calling from blocks caller ID. You ignore the call. Then what?

Right, i guess they call you're cell phone, since the telemarketers don't
seem to use those.

Just seems to make things more complicated than they need to be - like a lot
of technology does...

On the other hand, it's great for people who are being legitimately


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