[thechat] Anybody Hiring?

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Mon Mar 12 15:35:06 CST 2001

That usually means that something VERY embarrassing to a large number of
people happened and they took a blood oath to keep it secret :-)  Prolly was
a drunken orgy of Doom or somesuch...

Ron White

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> >firstly Garrett got him a job with Boxman (who later went down)
> God, did I feel guilty about that *:/

Hi Mate
            Really, why? I think it all went crashing down after he left so
no worries there :)

> Hey, Kevin, enjoy Las Vegas, and congrats on your upcoming nuptials *;)

Cheers man, I'm so looking forward to it, getting married, going to the
States & having 3 weeks off work (Yes!!!). Are you up for the next London
Beervolt? We still haven't met. It was suggested that the last Thursday in
the month was a good idea, is this still likely Martin/Mike/John?
I have to say I was expecting the chat List to be flooded with tales of
drunken debauchery from the Austin gathering, but it's been pretty quiet
apart from a couple of posts. Is everyone still drunk/to hungover to supply
us poor folk who couldn't make it with all the juicy gossip?

kjs at ratking.co.uk

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