Austin post-mortem (was: RE: [thechat] Anybody Hiring?)

Scott Dexter sgd at
Mon Mar 12 15:36:51 CST 2001

> I have to say I was expecting the chat List to be flooded 
> with tales of
> drunken debauchery from the Austin gathering, but it's been 
> pretty quiet
> apart from a couple of posts. Is everyone still drunk/to 
> hungover to supply
> us poor folk who couldn't make it with all the juicy gossip?

Must have patience, Kev. Today is the travel day for the vast majority of
those who went. There was drinking. There was debauchery. There was a
waitress who cut us off. There was the Sony MiniDisc recorder and microphone
that was on all weekend. There was the modeling convention in the same hotel
=) ....

(I'm still playing too much catchup to devote a lot of time in recounting,
but I will, stay tuned)


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