[thechat] Announcement

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Tue Mar 13 13:53:35 CST 2001

> http://www.easyweb.co.uk/pics/blob/

wow, teeny tiny. Congratulations again, Martin

> By my reckoning, this is the 2nd evolt baby, after
> the arrival of Aidan(?)  Sam-I-Am in December.

yup. Aidan Foster-Green (parental indecision took its toll)
I'd recommend you both do an inventory of all the things you ever
planned on getting done one day (all your round tuits) and either do
them now, or ritually burn the list :) Parenting is a full time
job/pleasure. I've shaved my hobby list down to 1, and I've only managed
to to spend time on that when Kelley and the baby were away. 

Not complaining though.. I was amazed how everything suddenly seemed to
make sense when Aidan came along. It was suddenly clear that it's all
about the children, stoopid. I wonder if any of the existentialists ever
had kids? 

Thanks to you all who were there for the warm welcome and atmosphere at
the Gingerman, a good time was had by all.


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