[thechat] Archive header

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Mar 20 10:10:16 CST 2001

Chris Evans wrote:

> Not to be critical, but the "We've got an archive!" header at the top of the
> message is making the messages a bit hard to read.  It confuses my poor
> hungover, coffee-addled brain.

martin's gone till thursday i think, trolloping across europe.. I'll
remove it in the meantime

> Why is it so many websters are drinkers?  I can always find a fellow webster
> to go out and put down a few beers and argue about the merits of XHTML vs
> HTML 3.0, or CF vs ASP.  I don't see the same kind of alcohol enthusiasm in
> other parts of the business ( other than marketing and HR).

I've noticed that too actually.. the web folk are always the first ones
for beers after a conference/meeting/friday

chris, while you're here, i've 'heard' that there are some problems with
spectra on solaris.. do you have any input on that or insight?


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