[thechat] mac os-x

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Mar 23 12:01:14 CST 2001

If I had a *extra* box with enough horsepower I'd go for it.

As it is, I'm leary of hitching the iBook to that star (wife uses it for
school) ... the aging Mac IIci is ill equipped for it, and my aging 8500
upgraded to 266MHz is far too old. The rest are windows boxen which are
getting decrepit themselves.... but if I had a stray 1000$ I'd be diving
in. I think it'll be fun to play with.

As for here in the office -- we have an older mac and we use it for
testing, so early adoption is not an option.

But I'm looking forward to hearing folks I know's personal reviews. It's
what Mac users have been asking for years - and here's where we see
whether it will be good or bad!

	- joe

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