[thechat] SW Art!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Fri Mar 23 16:17:45 CST 2001

Hi Bruce!

Yeah ... I'm just a "damn yankee transplant" ... but I was gonna wade in on
that too! ... I went up rock climbing on the Granite Dome [Enchanted Rock]
outside Fredericksburg last summer ... <yeah, yeah ... what's a "climber"
doing in flatland Houston? ... I hear ya!>  ... Enchanted Rock is in the
Texas "Hill Country" in and around that same area ... [kinda Northish of San

The German food was great ... the beer (after climbing all day) was
especially sweet ... and ...

I got to laugh my butt off watching [but mostly listening] to the [blonde
German lady] restaurant manager argue [in thickly German-accented Spanish]
with the help ... it was waaaaaaay too surreal!!


Enchanted Rock!

Cool Info on the Tejano accordians tho!

Ron L.

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