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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Sat Mar 24 07:35:46 CST 2001

Hi Marlene,

Glad to hear there are more "water rats" out there!      ;-)

I got a chance to "run the Colorado" ... uh ... a looooong time ago ....

Unfortunately, it was a stretch somewhere outside of Copper Mountain ... I
say, unfortunately ... because it was the "tamest" river ride I've ever been
on ... we musta been in the wrong place and/or the wrong time of year
(September).  It was pretty bogus --- imagine a "whitewater trip" ... where
you have to paddle the last two miles ... in a nice cold rain!!!   Bummer!

If you get a chance over Pennsylvania-way ... try the Youghagheny
{'Yok'-'a'-'gain'-'e'} ... excellent ride in the Spring!   [Sorry - couldn't
find a decent link this morning!]

Always wanted to ride the Cheat river in West Va. ... [where you get to ride
a 9' waterfall!!] .... haven't had a chance yet!

Ron L.

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Grand Canyon <snip> try to go through on a rafting trip (never 
done the "rim" thing, can't imagine it compares to the Colorado River 


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