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Dave Fitch lists at dere-street.com
Sun Mar 25 13:36:57 CST 2001

Bob Davis <bobd at members.evolt.org> said:

>I'm really looking forward to it.  I've found the public beta to be very
>useful (apache web server, php, etc. - all of the *nix tools I like) for web

Any hints/instructions on how to install unix tools on top of the 
basic installation?? I've found a lot of instructions on the net, but 
a lot of it is Linux etc. and a lot of it I just don't understand... 
eek. But the Unix tools were the only [real] reason I went for the 

>Anyone else going to be making the switch?

Yup, staring at it right now. It's rather different... not sure it's 
what I'll boot into tomorrow morning though. There is a hell of a lot 
missing [and I don't mean the DVD stuff either] and aqua is really 
incomplete and unfinished. Oh yeah. There is *no* manual either. 
[There is however a glossy 30 page brochure though...]

>A lot of what I've seen that is 'bad' really isn't objectively bad, it's
>just different than what we've gotten used to with Classic Mac OS.

That's very true. People shouldn't expect to use their previous 
workflows: things have been moved around, and some things [too many, 
if you ask me] now work backwards. And the OS assumes that you have 
an always on net connection, which is a pain.

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