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matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Tue Mar 27 16:06:26 CST 2001

You're lucky it's just email.
<true story>
A friend, we'll call her "M", who worked the ticket booth at a local stage
which hosts touring shows:
1) A well-dressed and likely wealthy woman, we'll call her "B", arrives
wanting to buy tickets for a sold-out show. She is told by M that the show
is "sold out", thus there are no tickets available.

2) B doesn't get it, huffs and puff's and demands that she be sold some
tickets. M sez, "if we have any no-shows..." etc. Unfortunately B still
doesn't grasp the meaning of "hey, we gots no tickets".

3) Eventually B leans into the speak-through hole in the glass and *spits on
the face* of M. M stands in utter dis-belief. At this point B leaves the

4) A little later, B struts into the lobby brandshing the tickets she has
bought from a scalper outside. M spots her, calls security, and has her
removed from the building and requests that B never, ever return.

5) Days go by. M is called into the manager's office to find out that B has
complained. Mgmt asks M to apologize. M sez, ummm... no, and thanks for your
</true story>


> From: Ben Dyer <ben_dyer at imaginuity.com>
> Maybe you should open it up for everybody.  I'm sure everyone gets strange
> e-mails from users through their sites. :)
> Quick example:
> Anyways, I got a complaint from an irate woman wondering why she couldn't
> pick up the radio program in parts of St. Louis (we're in Dallas).  She
> demanded that she be able to pick up the radio program in her part of St.
> Louis.

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