[thechat] creation of intranet: how to?

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Mar 28 18:29:48 CST 2001

Hey y'all,

since this is a question, on the outer boundaries of thelist, I
thought: "why not shout it out over y'all chatters".

for the first time in history, I have two computers (yeah laugh, why
don't you ...)

one is OK (my working computer)
the other is pretty lame, but I intend to set it up with linux and
practice my non-existing unix talent :-).

so my question to you:

how do I connect the two, how do set up a totally new and foreign OS,
and how do I access one from the other (mainly the lame from the ok

My question is more of a "where do I look for info" rather than "guide
me through it" all though be sure, I'm going to have to ask some
questions along the way.
First things first though: where do I start to read? what are the
keywords I use while searching the internet?

thanks abunchamillionzillion

*the newbie rests*

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