[thechat] creation of intranet: how to?

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> ooh, good.
> multihoming question: is it technically possible to both lease a 
> dynamic IP 
> (DHCP) and assign a static one simultaneously on the *same* NIC?
> i can't work out how to do it with win2k and i'm wondering if it's a 
> windows shortcoming or whether it just can't be done.

Short answer: no.  NT was the same.

Longer answer: I'll bet that an intelligent comparison between the
registry settings under the following conditions...

	a) Single DHCP address only
	b) Two specified addresses

...would yield a registry hack fairly quickly.

Or KO your PC in the process >:-)


PS: I have a couple of radio-related questions for you off-list,
if you're still into that sort of thing (as Martin suggests you

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