[thechat] continued sxsw fallout

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Mar 29 09:10:43 CST 2001

Well, it's not always random:

   Perl: Camel (mascot, I guess that makes sense)
   Webmaster: Spider (irritating animal metaphor, but allright)
   ASP: Snake (again, continuing that metaphor)
   Red Hat: Guy in a Red Hat (They're getting lazy)
   CSS: Fish (huh?)
   VBScript: Dog, also Seal??
   Information Architecture: Polar Bear??
   Oracle: Various Insects (improper connotations? :)

Hmmmm...  makes one wonder.


At 02:56 AM 3/29/01, you wrote:
>If that is so, the same question applies to O'Rielly (I bet I got the
>spellings wrong there) books with random animals pasted all over
>their books. Can't figure out how they relate the animal to the
>subject either!

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