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Sorry to spam y'all with political stuff. Feel free to ignore if you don't
agree. :)


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> Today Campaign Finance Reform will face the most important vote yet on
campaign finance reform: whether or not to insert a non-severability clause
into the legislation which would invalidate the whole bill if any part of
the bill is found unconstitutional in a court of law.
> This amendment is aimed squarely at defeating the soft money ban. The
> strategy of CFR opponents is to pass amendments of questionable
constitutionality and simultaneously vote for the non-severability amendment
that would cancel out any attempts at true reform.
> A vote for the non-severability amendment is a vote to kill campaign
finance reform, plain and simple.
> Please contact the following Senators and ask them to vote AGAINST
> non-severability.
> Mike DeWine (R-OH), (202) 224-2315
> Sam Brownback  (R-KS), (202) 224-6521
> John Ensign, (R-NV), (202) 224-6244
> Thank you for your continued support!

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