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> I kinda figured that it was because the IA is a hard-to-define
> beast. A polar bear isn't quite a land mammal (it spends a
> significant
> chunk of time in the water and has specfic characteristics just for
> that) and it isn't quite an aquatic mammal (it spends a lot of time
> on land, too).

The baby Polar bear comes to his parents and asks, "Ma, am I Polar
Bear?". "Of course you are!" replies the surprised Mommy Polar Bear.
"Oh okay!" he says and goes back.

After 30 minutes, he is back, "Are you sure I'm a Polar Bear?"
"Yes! We're sure you're a Polar Bear" chorus the parents. And
satisfied, he saunters off.

Another hour later, he is again, "Are you really really sure that *I*
am a Polar Bear?" Now, the parents are really intrigued. "Yes son!
You *are* a Polar Bear! Why do you keep asking?"

As he walks off, he mutters, "Strange. I keep feeling cold."


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