[thechat] March Stats for *.e.o

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Sat Mar 31 17:22:07 CST 2001

Hot & tasty:


Couple quickie notes:

220,000 Page views
730,000 'Hits'(almost to that 1mil mark!)
60,000 Distinct IP address'
45.275 Gigabytes of data transferred..
100,000+ referers from google(we should send them a couple t-shirts)

If you have a m.e.o account, you should be able to grep your stats out
of the report. Our most popular m.e.o member seems to be anarion's

About 1000 people from thelist are checking out the sites in that days
"Headlines from evolt.org" email that gets sent daily..(grep the
headlines directory) which is about 50% of people on thelist, very

Search engines are finally starting to return a correct URL string in
their search results, instead of the /index.cfm?menu=8&aid=123 like we
used to have.. The 301 status code along with a 'location' header
pointing to the correct URL should get those bots to update their

Anyways, peruse at your own will :)


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