My resume reads like a police blotter! (was RE: [thechat] 1st batch of austin pics)

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at
Mon Apr 9 12:51:19 CDT 2001

That reminds me of a "News of the Weird" article I read a few weeks ago. It
seems there was a man that spent significant time in prison after having been
arrested for heading up a multi-million dollar marijuana empire. After he got
out, he posted a job wanted ad in the local paper - in Toronto, I think -
positioning himself as the former CEO of a highly successful business with more
than 120 employees. He apparently received numerous job offers.

I guess any kind of experience can be worth something. ;)

- Bruce

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> Reminds me of an old friend's reply after I critiqued his resume ...
> "Sure ... My resume reads like a police blotter! ... But Hey! ... The photos
> are dynamite!!"
> RonL.

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