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Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 9 18:28:07 CDT 2001

This one is too good.  It translates text into 5 languages and back to 
english..from english to another lang, to english, to another lang, to 
english...etc...you get the point.  What it does to your copy is 

On Monday, April 9, 2001, at 06:41 PM, Cory Preus wrote:

> http://www.tashian.com/multibabel/

Here's what Dex does...

Work for the works of servicer of the use ((the test of the meaning of
not) of buzzword), the applications of involutes of ivr that the Web
(the telephone) in a 100% outsourced the model (we and the places that
the places of the Web are developed and apps the telephone). The
company requests them of a way generalized with the functions, that
one that is extended of add/introduce of the substance, which they
have already. Timesheets, the way of the objection, studies, of the
front extremity for the indication to the way, the etc. are a model of
the reproduction of the rent, that was sufficient favorable of
immunisiert and to satisfy to the courses of the market of the
industry of the technology. Our CEO can sell eschimesi of the snow.
We passed with the wing (the Assoc, in main periods NATSS, that
provides the Americans) -- only electronic jet of the entrance of
information of timesheet of which we approved, that it arrests east
agreement. Seat really in my office: Interdev, the perspective,
IE(5.5) and Netscape(4.72) of a permanent way had been opened. I hang
to new escape approximately 50/50 of the work of the extremity of the
screen and to add the area of the ripiena of
to/tweaking/fixing/breaking. Of the NT of serveur further on I it
controlled in pcAnywhere. They are for Grandpa also the others
realizers Internet (and to interessantesi he them chronometers the
space). Serveur De Nt/iis/asp/sql. The company excluded one another
person in the office (to office==entire without the two people of the
sales; 13 people), look/develop in Netscape in the first place go
then with the IE and distrugg that nobody works the others realizers
in this type. Plus him rambles around to the office of the periods of
a connection to the day that considers that what continues. I do not
take with many "Zone" the work, that one is executed to the
office, cancellations to the external part. The space, but industry
of I m/rags. the good one very with the work reads the rare one
really that it does not speak, if is not with the work. Agreed wide
with the song of for (to the times 0ccasional unexplainably) in my
title 99% of the time. I fall fastly in dream and in a lowest
superficial probability of the small hat seriously never it will give
return. In order to play the small hockey of or (the ice and in the
chain) 3mal to the week. And admin is evolt.

bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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