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I wouldn't call it a "collection" ... but I run an old Canon AE-1 that I
bought new 20+ years ago ... and I've got an (I think) 50's vintage Kodak
35mm rangefinder that doesn't take any batteries - cost me $1 at a garage
sale.  [Cost me more than that to blow a roll of film to figure out how that
dang 'nomograph meter' works!]

Spent a couple of years doing competitions with the Cleveland Photographic
Society.  A buddy of mine was president and we made quite a reputation for
organizing "odd" or "fun" competitions.  {I won a competition for the best
picture of ...... "parmesan cheese"!}  [With the "standard" categories too
often people get lazy and just pull slides out of their archives instead of
going out and shooting ... I think we infused some energy into the club by
coming up with "wacky" categories once in a while.]

We also put together some really fun "photo rallyes" ... we gave each team a
roll of Polaroid slide film. [B&W - can be developed and mounted (if you
have the machine [$100? used])in about 2 minutes.]  We'd send the teams out
in the morning with a list of "wacky" photo categories [e.g. 5 points for a
photo of playgound equipment. 2 bonus points for a photo of team members
using the playground equipment. 3 extra bonus points if any team member is
upside down! {One team brought back a photo of an 80 year old woman on their
team - upside down on the sliding board!}] We'd meet back up in the evening
in a restaurant ... develop the film, eat, pull out the projector, judge the
photos and tally up the points ... waaaaay fun! [We'd spend about $4 at flea
markets for "prizes" to give out!]


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> I'm not the only one with a (in my case, fledgling) camera collection?!
> cool!

Me too. I've got between 17 and twenty-something cameras of varying vintages
and usefulness. 

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