[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Joxn joxn at vernum.com
Tue Apr 10 07:38:45 CDT 2001

Well, I'm still a student so I don't know if you would call this work.
Aged 21, I'm studying Information Technology at an University of Applied
Sciences in Germany. Actually, sometimes I don't really know why I do so
as I have to face way too much hardware for my taste. I'm really a web

I began using Perl some years ago, but since I've discovered PHP, I
switched nearly completely to this one. So I basicly try to find some
interesting projects and keep learning new technologies (next one will
be CF as I read so much about it on TheList).

I wonder how you guys found the one main skill you want to master?
I'm good at many things. I have a taste of design/layout - but can't
create good graphics on my own - and I'm good at backend things like
programming (C/C++, some Java, Perl, PHP,...) and databases - but I'm
not the hardcore hacker doing all-nights at no end.
Therefore, I'm still unsure which way I should go. Probably, I should
try to become a project manager??

The most interesting project is my own company (GmbH / limited) which I
founded with two friends of mine in 01.1999. We sell eggs via the web.
:) Sounds strange, I guess - and actually it is. :)

I'm a big fan of Linux (built my own system *completely* from scratch),
administer our own dedicated server and so on, but I have the problem
that our visitors sometimes don't even know their own email address...

One of the kewlest things will be my "Praxissemester" (~study-related
internship for six months) in Australia. I even got a scholarship from a
German institute, but haven't yet signed a contract with a company in
Australia. But I have the "yes" by email from the CEO of a Sydney-based
Linux company. Hopefully, I all turns out well. :)

In my freetime I'm hanging out with my friends. Getting drunk. (I like
the German laws concerning alcohol. :) ) Meeting cute girls. Stuff like
that. :)
I'm very much into alternative/emo-core/punk music and go to concerts
and festivals (Yeah, the Bizarre festival!).

Again, I'm not the geek-type of person. Although, I like doing geek-type
of things. But after sometime, I really need to get out and do some
party. Guess I have a split personality. :P

bye Joxn

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