[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Jesus G. Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Tue Apr 10 12:36:11 CDT 2001


That's an awfully good question.

I tend to say "I do websites". Which is pretty
simple way of saying what I do. But it is a quite
accurate answer.

Right now I am 25 years old, first connected to
the net back in 94 and wasn't really conscious
on what was happening. So I didn't really payed
attention. I just played muds, gophered, and
learnt some basic *nix commands (talk!). Thankfully
enough I got into a computing lab and had to
learn IT stuff (networks, sysadmin). Also a 
good comp science teacher showed some proper
programming methodology. Did I mention I was
studying a Statistics Degree?

Well, worked my way through uni and the comp
lab while doing some IT freelancing. Worked
at www.dhl.com for a while. Learnt how to
code HTML with BareBones guide and emacs.
And found my bones in an advertisement agency.

There I had this stupid cathartic moment.

I had been using programs such as Corel Draw,
Freehand, PageMaker (back in Aldus times) 
since I was 13 or something (WordPerfect). And
I used them to enhance my uni presentations,
papers and such. Also I liked to draw, but
never realized that I liked design per se. I
took it for granted.

So when I first started coding web pages at
the ad agency and talked with the design
dept I realized I liked to design. And
as I liked to code as well everything came rolling.

A few companies later I have the funny title
of Art Director in IconMedialab Spain. I am
involved in concept development, pitches,
proposals and going to the client to sell
our wares. And, obviously, design solutions
(both code and graphical).

I do freelancing from time to time (just 
because I can do it), use PC or Mac, enjoy
beers and travelling, digital photography
and typographies, films, comics and anything
collectable, play rugby in spare time and
reading books.

Yes. I am a generalist.

Thanks for the attention, now go back to
your life. Way more interesting than mine :)


more info on the resume www.gorriti.com/info

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