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Jen Worden jen at meadoworks.com
Wed Apr 11 07:15:03 CDT 2001

Hi Dave ...

At 07:56 PM 10/04/01 -0600, Dave McLean wrote:
>Where?  My Dad's family have a farm in Margaretville? Or was it Kentville...
>I'll have to ask.  Anyway, I love NS and the description of your place
>sounds soooooo amazing.  Would love to see it.  sigh.  Wondering when I'll
>get back out to the East Coast.

Not aware of a Margaretville but there certainly is a Kentville - and the 
Annapolis Valley *is* farming in NS!

We live on the South Shore about an hour from Halifax, inland from 
Lunenburg/Mahone Bay/Bridgewater - assuming any of those sound familiar.

We moved back (my husband is originally from this part of the world) just 
over 10 years ago so that our kids (then 7 & 8 - and since had another) 
could know their grandparent's as healthy vital people. Both sets live 
here. We've been lucky, as all four are still a going concern.

Living in a rural area certainly has it's plusses but I will give this 
small piece of advise for all you "Eden-seekers" - make the move, sure, but 
make enough money to be able to get away! *Anything* within walking 
distance sounds like paradise to me, right now! ;)

And if you ever get back to the East Coast - or anyone else, for that 
matter - give me a shout. I know all the best places to go for a beer. (not 
to mention chowder, fish'n'chips, scallops etc. etc.)

cfn ... Jen

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