[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Rachel Lam lists at ewe-wish.com
Wed Apr 11 12:58:00 CDT 2001

I am the all purpose "web person" for the University of Minnesota's College
of Natural Resources. Actually, I was hired by one department in the
college, but my boss rents me out to other groups within the college. Slowly
but surely I'm taking over.

Most of my time seems to be spent redesigning and maintaining our various
sites. Accessibility issues have been my #1 topic of study for a few months
now. I've been busily converting everything from <font> to css, though we're
sticking with tables for layout since 50%+ of our viewers use Netscape 4.x.
Lots of Photoshop, HomeSite, Dreamweaver & Fireworks. I also get called on
to teach professors how to use their e-mail, get rid of viruses, remind them
again how to use e-mail, and generally provide all sorts of computer
consulting for which I am totally unqualified. (I majored in Art History.)

Sometimes I pick up small freelance projects (when I don't feel the need for
a social life).
City life is getting to me and I've been considering moving to Vermont or
New Hampshire.

-Rachel Lam
(back to catching up on 2000+ e-mails from the 4.5 days I've been away from
my computer)

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