[thechat] gas prices..

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Thu Apr 12 11:46:03 CDT 2001

>From: Daniel J. Cody
>just a random sample here, but what are people in the US paying for a
>gallon of regular unleaded gas around the country?

We run anywhere from $1.57 to $1.67/gallon for regular unleaded. Depends on
the part of town, but there's one corner near my office where one station
routinely charges at least 10 cents more than the place across the street. I
haven't figure that one out yet.

>last night on the way home from work it was 1.65 per gallon, this
>morning *at the same f$cking place* it was 1.70 per gallon. 

Now, that's pretty weird. Any other stations do that?


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