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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Apr 12 16:01:24 CDT 2001

Cool idea for some cities Mike!

.... but unfortunately not for Houston   :-(    where it seems that every
other vehicle on the road is a full-size pickup truck ... or a larger

[In Cleveland, Ohio you had to look out for "Grandma Shidowski" putzing
along blocking traffic in her '62 Chevy Nova ... down here in Houston it's
"Abuela Hernandez" - and she's driving a '78 Dodge "dualie" - at a MUCH
higher rate of speed .... Big Difference!]

I had to trade my nice 4-cylinder Saab in for a V8 pick-em-up truck just to
get some 'road presence' down heah!   (wah!)   .... this is not a town to
try the go ped thing in!


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At 18:38 12/04/2001, Bruce Heerssen wrote...

>Yeah, well... I'll tell you what. I, for one, *could not survive* without 
>my car -- well, it's truck, but at least it's got a
>relatively efficient six-cylinder). I live 35 miles from work, 1 mile from 
>the nearest grocery store, and there is *no* public transportation within 
>6 miles of my house (with the expensive exception of taxi cabs).

Go wild get a go ped  =)

Great economy, and you'll get the wind rushing through your hair ;)

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