[thechat] Car/Racing Nerds (was Gas Prices)

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Fri Apr 13 12:09:38 CDT 2001

On Friday, April 13, 2001, at 12:23 PM, Judah McAuley wrote:

> I've got to say that this year the Brits really showed us how Rally is 
> run.  Brits finished 1-2 this year (2001 Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi EVO 
> IV).  Previously the Tiburons were the hot cars on the block.  Parity 
> was reached this year with Mitsubishi and Subaru taking the top 6 and 4 
> of the top 10 spots respectively.  This year also marks the US entrance 
> of the European ProDrive group and also brought the US it's first 
> official FIA sanctioned Rally.

Yeah! I love rally!

The brits are doing a great job here.  Millen's son too (not a brit - 
from NZ, I think).

The new WRX is cool.  I'm glad we are seeing them here. Fast little car 
too.  One of my friends here is Tim O'Neil, who was a national rally 
champ (drove this *sick* all wheel drive, supercharged VW Golf. You may 
have seen it - it lives in OR now).

It's getting a lot more professional here. Seeing ProDrive participate 
is great.  I'd love to see Ford bring a WRC Focus here.

The Mitsu's are cool (Buffum's shop up in VT has a couple of them), but 
getting long in the tooth.  I'd really love to see VW get into it more 

> Ok, I'm just about done being a rally nerd for the morning.  And for 
> any of you with high bandwidth connections, here is a pretty good 
> RealVideo file of some of the action.  It includes a nice rollover 
> around a corner. http://www.subiegal.com/images/Movie/SCCA2001.ram

Check this one out too:


it seems to be down atm, but it's got loads of cool movies.

Check out the RS4 stuff - I love that little station wagon.  380hp and 
all wheel drive - yummy.

bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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