[thechat] Zeitgeist

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Fri Apr 13 14:29:33 CDT 2001

Thanks for the glassdog pointer, Joe. I don't read many blogs, but I like
finding out when somebody's written something good.

Things have been feeling a little...well..."cusp-ish" for me, lately, too.


>From: Joe Crawford
>There's an odd tone I'm feeling.
>There's a guy wearing a "will web design for food" sign in Seattle. 
>Fuel prices are going up. Yahoo's doing porn, then it's not. 
>MarchFirst Implodes. Kozmo implodes. Many other companies are 
>imploding. There's a call to be great on glassdog that has some 
>people very inspired. It's Friday the 13th @ Noontime where I am. 
>The vibe I'm feeling is strange.
>	-  Joe: http://artlung.com/

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