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Chris Evans chris at fuseware.com
Fri Apr 13 14:52:18 CDT 2001

Definitely feeling a wave getting ready to break.  Over the last week or
two, I've gotten off my ass to complete a project I've been hacking on and
off for a couple of years.  I'm planning a massive heads-down code-frenzy
this weekend, and hope to get it finished.  I don't know if it'll be great,
I just know it'll be *done*.  You never know, though.  Maybe that's all it
takes to make it great.

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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On Friday, April 13, 2001, at 03:13 PM, Joe Crawford wrote:

> There's an odd tone I'm feeling.

I hear you Joe. Mucho weirdness happening....

> There's a guy wearing a "will web design for food" sign in Seattle. Fuel
> prices are going up. Yahoo's doing porn, then it's not. MarchFirst
> Implodes. Kozmo implodes. Many other companies are imploding. There's a
> call to be great on glassdog that has some people very inspired. It's
> Friday the 13th @ Noontime where I am. The vibe I'm feeling is strange.

Shit - Lance's call to greatness is awesome.

Read it if you haven't:


What's up with all this? I think we might be on the event horizon of
something, Joe.  I can't see what it is though.

WRT Lance's rant : I'd love to be great, but sometimes I lack the talent
or the courage to be great or let the talent out.  For me, it's more an
issue of courage than anything.
The only regrets I have in my life are those moments where I lacked the
courage/integrity/flexibility of mind to do what my heart told me to
do.  I'm getting better about it though.  Following my heart and using
my mind to get the job done instead of following my mind all the time
and spending all that energy convincing myself that I'm doing the right

Thanks for the pointer, Joe.

(Did I tell you that I'm glad you're back?  We all missed you.)


bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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