[thechat] Car/Racing Nerds (was Gas Prices)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon Apr 16 07:10:30 CDT 2001

"Yeah! I love rally!"


I never had the cash to run "pro" ... but there are/were quite a few amateur
events in NE Ohio!

The MG Car club on the east side of Cleveland runs/ran a number of events
... usually TSD, [Time, Speed, Distance]... that are/were always fun and
inexpensive.  [They used to have some extremely "evil" rallyemasters as
well! .....  "The instructions quite clearly said 'turn right after the
bridge! ... you DO realize of course that if it doesn't have the diagonal
orange and black striped signs ... then it obviously can't be a bridge!'".]

The Tuscarawrus Valley Touring Club a little further South ran some nice
rallyes, autocross, and gymkhana as well.

The Cleveland Sports Car Club would put on an annual "alley rallye" in
downtown Cleveland every year - with help from the MG Car Club and the local
SCCA folks.

The highlight of the local season was the annual "Ohio Winter Rallye" ...
run all night on a suitably snowy day in early to mid February ... .... Ah!
... Dodging drunken Amish buggies at four in the morning while trying to
keep the vehicle more or less straight over that icy single lane covered
bridge!!  Fun Stuff!!    ;-)

Fondly Four-wheel Drifting,


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