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<memory lane>
My brother and i used to have to frequently change transmissions in our '74
Cutlass 4 door, due to the massive power and torque of the 455ci engine that
he had jammed into it. In our driveway, we would jack the car up and have
the trans out in 30 minutes. I could do it in 45 by myself. The tricky part
of doing it solo was lowering the thing onto your chest and then sliding out
from under it (it was a 3-speed manual). I think of that car every time I
smell 90 weight oil.

We wasted a lot of tranmissions, but it did *huge* burnouts and we were
</memory lane>


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> Sears was the best place to take it when I was doing my own. They didn't
> charge you like some places did. Automatic Trans needs service about 60-70K
> depending on how hard you drive. Anything that requires me being under the
> car I have others do since I don't have access to the equipment I once did.
> I just replaced my own serpentine belt, that was fun ;-) I saved $40 and it
> only took 10 minutes.
> Thanks,
> Ron White
>> Transmissions do need serice (automatic trannies), but
>> certainly not every 3000 miles. I forget what my manual
>> recommends, but it's *a lot* less often than that.
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