[thechat] it lives!!

martin at members.evolt.org martin at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 16 15:45:47 CDT 2001

At 16:07 13/04/01 +0100, John Handelaar wrote:
>I'm in for Beervolt.W1 - when are you in town? (You're the
>awkward one here. I doubt Mike and Kev ever have trouble
>finding time for a drink, somehow...)

Probably on Thursday, but likely somewhat jetlagged, so
I *will* have to (a) eat and (b) leave early.

Reason: This week's itinerary:
Today: Drive back to Edinburgh from Manchester via Scarborough
Tomorrow: Work the morning, fly to London, then to NewYork
Wed: Do presentations, fly back, try and sleep on plane
Thurs: Finish flying back, consolidate feedback from presentations
Fri: Fly to Dublin, give presentation again incorporating feedback,
      then return to Edinburgh


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