Oil changes was RE: [thechat] gas prices..

Dave McLean thechat at dwcreative.com
Tue Apr 17 01:04:22 CDT 2001

On 4/16/01 9:07 AM, Ron White wrote:
> Do you live in the US?

Although this question isn't for me I'll answer it anyway. Thankfully, no, I
live in a cycle friendly city. Calgary has hundreds of kilometres of bike
trails and pretty wide shoulders.  I've never been knocked off my bike. In
fact, my fiancée and I rode in to work today.

Granted our city is also an urban sprawl and we had to drive 1/3 of the way
to a park where we start from. Now that the transit strike is over things
seem to be moving much more smoothly.

> With the exception of a very small handful of major
> cities and little towns, it is damn near impossible to live within biking
> distance of a job. Even if you live within that distance, frequently the
> roads are in such bad shape or so bike unfriendly that the risk to your life
> isn't worth the attempt...

I know the US is car crazy, but it can't be the same for every city or town
can it?  Aren't there any cities or towns in the US with a less car centric



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