[thechat] members.evolt.org accounts..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Apr 19 15:44:50 CDT 2001

Hola - 

If any of you are interested in having a members.evolt.org account(see
http://members.evolt.org for details) please sign up for one within the
next 2 days.. I'm going to stop accepting submissions for accounts after
this weekend probably, and I want to make sure that any hard core
evolters(like those of you that inhabit these particular lists) get an
account before i do shut it down.

With well over 400 accounts already on that box, and around 2-3Gb of
data a *day* its starting to chew up more resources than it should or
was ever intended to. I really hate to shut it down to new users, but at
this rate, it'll be using the entire starkmedia T-1 by late may. That,
and its also starting to have a noticable affect on the box, which also
runs our mailing lists and browser archive...

I'm working a couple hosting providers here in town for free bandwidth,
but its not a sure thing.. So, untill that happens and I can get some
equipment for another m.e.o box, its getting capped..

Probably more info than anyone wanted :)

anyways, get an account while you can..



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