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At last! Some time to do this.

I'm a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers - as well
as the better known audit/accountancy arm, we're one
of the top management consultancies globally. We help
very, very large companies work through their most difficult

My role in this is helping clients develop and realise their
vision for eBusiness - where can online tools be applied in their
business to make them more successful.

At the moment, I'm working with a multi-brand packaged goods firm
as they work through implementing an eMarketing framework which
is flexible enough to apply to all their brands in all their markets,
yet comprehensive enough to allow components to be used as
a plug-and-play toolbox, with only a small amount of customisation
(and the customisation should largely be done by business people, not

If you think designing an effective registration form is hard, think
about building a system to enable forms to be built for multiple
sites which have multiple aims, in multiple countries (therefore
multiple legal frameworks and multiple languages).

My specific role is to interface between business and technology -
ensuring that the business is aware of the possibilities and
limitations of the infrastructure, and that the TI team are aware
of the business requirements. And ultimately getting them to

The interesting bit (which I'm not very good at yet) is that as
a consultant, you can't go in and just tell them "it should be
*thus*", you have to facilitate them to find solutions which they
really own, seeded with your knowledge. It takes longer, but
gives you a more robust outcome.

You want to know more? Give me a shout.


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