[thechat] What do you *really* do?

Hugh Blair hblair at bigfoot.com
Sun Apr 22 08:58:27 CDT 2001


Hello y'all,

Although I've mostly been a quiet member of [thelist], my few
questions have been answered in the best sense of family-help.
Thanks for those past experiences.

Me?  I'm a freelance computer trainer, website builder, general
all-around computer nerd for hire. Most of my time is currently
spent setting up PC systems in eye doctor's offices; configuring
them for the office, setting up and tweaking software, training
the staff to use them.  I travel 90%+ of the time.  Weekends?
What are those?  In the last year I've been from Honolulu-HI to
Tortola-BVI, Toronto-CN to Galveston-TX.

I'm working toward doing more WEB work; building sites, providing
hosting services, selling domain names.  Those activities can be
done from a beach in Hawaii, on the coast of Maine, in the mountains
of Colorado, all places I'd stop at if traveling got too tiring.

I use Dreamweaver 3, CuteHTML, NoteTabPro and Hotdog to write code.
Graphics (I suck) are built with Fireworks 3, Photoshop and a few
other miscellaneous programs.  I'm a tool freak.  My companion is
the *best* at writing copy and creating graphics so I lean on her
for those skills.

Hardware:  Micron laptop (850mhz Pentium III, 256meg RAM, 20gig HD,
15.5" screen!) - Compaq 1810 laptop (300mhz Pentium II, 128meg RAM, 
6gig HD, 14.1" screen) - HP 9680 desktop (800mhz AMD, 128meg RAM,
45gig HD, 17" monitor) - HP ?? desktop (600mhz Pentium II, 128meg
RAM, 30gig HD, 21" monitor) - Toshiba Laptop (100mhz Pentium, 28meg
RAM, 1.2meg HD, 11" screen) - 4 I-Openers (100mhz Pentium, 128meg
RAM, 1.2meg HD, 9" screen) - all connected to a Linksys Switch that's
connected to a Linksys Router that's connected to a Cable modem.

So?  I'm also a hardware geek.  And I'm really trying to get my hands
on about 125 Compaq desktop boxes (100mhz Pentium, 64meg RAM, 3gig HD,
video card, NIC, Win98) that are sitting in a storage room.  (This 
stupid school doesn't think that they can legally 'give' them away, 'sell'
them, 'trade' them, - I've tried it all.  They insist that these units
*must* be 'thrown away in the dumpster'.  Anyone for dumpster diving?
Anyone need need a Linux farm?

I spend most of my online time learning - from those here and on
many other lists and web sites.  I'm still amazed at the wonderful
sharing that goes on in the WEB world.  

Oh, I'm based in a suburb of Chicago, Schaumburg.  Born 1947.
Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management.  Chef.  Piano, Bass,
Sax, Violin and Accordion player, singer, and published composer,
or used to be.  There's not time in my life for those fun things
right now.  Later, when I slow down.


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